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Psalm 66
BISHOPTHORPE | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Jeremiah Clarke, 1673-1707
1 All lands to God in joyful sounds, aloft your voices raise. 2 Sing forth the honor of his name, and glorious make his praise. 3 Say unto God, How terrible in all thy works art thou! Through thy great pow'r thy foes to thee shall be constrained to bow. 4 All on the earth shall worship thee, they shall thy praise proclaim In songs: they shall sing cheerfully unto thy holy name. 5 Come, and the works that God hath wrought with admiration see: In's working to the sons of men most terrible is he. 6 Into dry land the sea he turned, and they a passage had; Ev'n marching through the flood on foot, there we in him were glad. 7 He ruleth ever by his pow'r; his eyes the nations see: O let not the rebellious ones lift up themselves on high. 8 Ye people, bless our God; aloud the voice speak of his praise: 9 Our soul in life who safe preserves, our foot from sliding stays. 10 For thou didst prove and try us, Lord, as men do silver try; 11 Brought'st us into the net, and mad'st bands on our loins to lie. 12 Thou hast caused men ride o'er our heads; and though that we did pass Through fire and water, yet thou brought'st us to a wealthy place. 13 I'll bring burnt-off'rings to thy house; to thee my vows I'll pay, 14 Which my lips uttered, my mouth spake, when trouble on me lay. 15 Burnt-sacrifices of fat rams with incense I will bring; Of bullocks and of goats I will present an offering. 16 All that fear God, come, hear, I'll tell what he did for my soul. 17 I with my mouth unto him cried, my tongue did him extol. 18 If in my heart I sin regard, the Lord me will not hear: 19 But surely God me heard, and to my prayèr's voice gave ear. 20 O let the Lord, our gracious God, for ever blessèd be, Who turnèd not my prayer from him, nor yet his grace from me.