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Psalm 140
NORWICH | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Ravenscroft's Psalter, 1621
1 Lord, from the ill and froward man give me deliverance, And do thou safe preserve me from the man of violence: 2 Who in their heart mischievous things are meditating ever; And they for war assembled are continually together. 3 Much like unto a serpent's tongue their tongues they sharp do make; And underneath their lips there lies the poison of a snake. 4 Lord, keep me from the wicked's hands, from vi'lent men me save; Who utterly to overthrow my goings purposed have. 5 The proud for me a snare have hid, and cords; yea, they a net Have by the way-side for me spread; they gins for me have set. 6 I said unto the Lord, Thou art my God: unto the cry Of all my supplicätions, Lord, do thine ear apply. 7 O God the Lord, who art the strength of my salvätion: A cov'ring in the day of war my head thou hast put on. 8 Unto the wicked man, O Lord, his wishes do not grant; Nor further thou his ill device, lest they themselves should vaunt. 9 As for the head and chief of those about that compass me, Ev'n by the mischief of their lips let thou them covered be. 10 Let burning coals upon them fall, them throw in fiery flame, And in deep pits, that they no more may rise out of the same. 11 Let not an evil speaker be on earth establishèd: Mischief shall hunt the vi'lent man, till he be ruinèd. 12 I know God will th' afflicted's cause maintain, and poor men's right. 13 Surely the just shall praise thy name; th' upright dwell in thy sight.