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Psalm 119 - 8 (Cheth)
ICONIUM | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Probably by James Nares, 1715-1783
57 Thou my sure portion art alone, which I did choose, O Lord: I have resolved, and said, that I would keep thy holy word. 58 With my whole heart I did entreat thy face and favor free: According to thy gracious word be merciful to me. 59 I thought upon my former ways, and did my life well try; And to thy testimonies pure my feet then turnèd I. 60 I did not stay, nor linger long, as those that slothful are; But hastily thy laws to keep myself I did prepare. 61 Bands of ill men me robbed; yet I thy precepts did not slight. 62 I'll rise at midnight thee to praise, ev'n for thy judgments right. 63 I am companion to all those who fear, and thee obey. 64 O Lord, thy mercy fills the earth: teach me thy laws, I pray.