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Psalm 119 - 7 (Zain)
ST. THOMAS | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Henry Purcell, 1659-1695
49 Remember, Lord, thy gracious word thou to thy servant spake, Which, for a ground of my sure hope, thou causedst me to take. 50 This word of thine my comfort is in mine afflïction: For in my straits I am revived by this thy word alone. 51 The men whose hearts with pride are stuffed did greatly me deride; Yet from thy straight commandements I have not turned aside. 52 Thy judgments rïghteous, O Lord, which thou of old forth gave, I did remember, and myself by them comforted have. 53 Horror took hold on me, because ill men thy law forsake. 54 I in my house of pilgrimage thy laws my songs do make. 55 Thy name by night, Lord, I did mind, and I have kept thy law. 56 And this I had, because thy word I kept, and stood in awe.