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Psalm 119 - 20 (Resh)
ST. KILDA | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
William Robert Broomfield, 1826-1888
153 Consider mine afflïction, in safety do me set: Deliver me, O Lord, for I thy law do not forget. 154 After thy word revive thou me: save me, and plead my cause. 155 Salvation is from sinners far; for they seek not thy laws. 156 O Lord, both great and manifold thy tender mercies be: According to thy judgments just, revive and quicken me. 157 My persecutors many are, and foes that do combine; Yet from thy testimonies pure my heart doth not decline. 158 I saw transgressors, and was grieved; for they keep not thy word. 159 See how I love thy law! as thou art kind, me quicken, Lord. 160 From the beginning all thy word hath been most true and sure: Thy righteous judgments ev'ry one for evermore endure.