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Psalm 119 - 2 (Beth)
ST. PAUL (ABERDEEN) | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Chalmers' Collection, Aberdeen, 1749
9 By what means shall a young man learn his way to purify? If he according to thy word thereto attentive be. 10 Unfeignedly thee have I sought with all my soul and heart: O let me not from the right path of thy commands depart. 11 Thy word I in my heart have hid, that I offend not thee. 12 O Lord, thou ever blessèd art, thy statutes teach thou me. 13 The judgments of thy mouth each one my lips declarèd have: 14 More joy thy testimonies' way than riches all me gave. 15 I will thy holy precepts make my meditätion; And carefully I'll have respect unto thy ways each one. 16 Upon thy statutes my delight shall constantly be set: And, by thy grace, I never will thy holy word forget.