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Psalm 119 - 18 (Tsaddi)
BRISTOL | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Melody from Ravenscroft's Psalter, 1621 (rhythm altered)
137 O Lord, thou art most rïghteous; thy judgments are upright. 138 Thy testimonies thou command'st most faithful are and right. 139 My zeal hath ev'n consumèd me, because mine enemies Thy holy words forgotten have, and do thy laws despise. 140 Thy word's most pure, therefore on it thy servant's love is set. 141 Small, and despised I am, yet I thy precepts not forget. 142 Thy righteousness is righteousness which ever doth endure: Thy holy law, Lord, also is the very truth most pure. 143 Trouble and anguish have me found, and taken hold on me: Yet in my trouble my delight thy just commandments be. 144 Eternal righteousness is in thy testimonies all: Lord, to me understanding give, and ever live I shall.