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Psalm 119 - 17 (Pe)
BALLERMA | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Robert Simpson, 1790-1832, from a melody probably by François Hippolyte Barthélemon, 1741-1808
129 Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful, my soul them keeps with care. 130 The entrance of thy words gives light, makes wise who simple are. 131 My mouth I have wide openèd, and panted earnestly, While after thy commandements I longed exceedingly. 132 Look on me, Lord, and merciful do thou unto me prove, As thou art wont to do to those thy name who truly love. 133 O let my footsteps in thy word aright still ordered be: Let no iniquity obtain dominion over me. 134 From man's oppression save thou me; so keep thy laws I will. 135 Thy face make on thy servant shine; teach me thy statutes still. 136 Rivers of waters from mine eyes did run down, when I saw How wicked men run on in sin, and do not keep thy law.