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Psalm 119 - 15 (Samech)
ABBEY | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Melody from Scottish Psalter, 1615
113 I hate the thoughts of vanity, but love thy law do I. 114 My shield and hiding-place thou art: I on thy word rely. 115 All ye that evil-doers are from me depart away; For the commandments of my God I purpose to obey. 116 According to thy faithful word uphold and stablish me, That I may live, and of my hope ashamèd never be. 117 Hold thou me up, so shall I be in peace and safety still; And to thy statutes have respect continually I will. 118 Thou tread'st down all that love to stray; false their deceit doth prove. 119 Lewd men, like dross, away thou putt'st; therefore thy law I love. 120 For fear of thee my very flesh doth tremble, all dismayed; And of thy righteous judgments, Lord, my soul is much afraid.