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Psalm 119 - 14 (Nun)
GRÄFENBERG | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Johann Cruger, 1598-1662 Praxis Pietatis Melica, 1647
105 Thy word is to my feet a lamp, and to my path a light. 106 I sworn have, and I will perform, to keep thy judgments right. 107 I am with sore afflïction ev'n overwhelmed, O Lord: In mercy raise and quicken me, according to thy word. 108 The free-will-off'rings of my mouth accept, I thee beseech: And unto me thy servant, Lord, thy judgments clearly teach. 109 Though still my soul be in my hand, thy laws I'll not forget. 110 I erred not from them, though for me the wicked snares did set. 111 I of thy testimonies have above all things made choice, To be my heritage for aye; for they my heart rejoice. 112 I carefully inclinèd have my heart still to attend; That I thy statutes may perform alway unto the end.