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Psalm 119 - 12 (Lamed)
FELIX | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
The Hallelujah, edited Lowell Mason, 1854 Founded on a phrase in Mendelssohn's Oratorio Christus
89 Thy word for ever is, O Lord, in heaven settled fast; 90 Unto all generätions thy faithfulness doth last: The earth thou hast establishèd, and it abides by thee. 91 This day they stand as thou ordain'dst; for all thy servants be. 92 Unless in thy most perfect law my soul delights had found, I should have perishèd, when as my troubles did abound. 93 Thy precepts I will ne'er forget; they quick'ning to me brought. 94 Lord, I am thine; O save thou me: thy precepts I have sought. 95 For me the wicked have laid wait, me seeking to destroy: But I thy testimonies true consider will with joy. 96 An end of all perfëction here have I seen, O God: But as for thy commandement, it is exceeding broad.