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Psalm 106
DUNFERMLINE | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Melody from Scottish Psalter, 1615
1 Give praise and thanks unto the Lord, for bountiful is he; His tender mercy doth endure unto eternity. 2 God's mighty works who can express? or show forth all his praise? 3 Blessèd are they that judgment keep, and justly do always. 4 Remember me, Lord, with that love which thou to thine dost bear; With thy salvation, O my God, to visit me draw near: 5 That I thy chosen's good may see, and in their joy rejoice; And may with thine inheritance triumph with cheerful voice. 6 We with our fathers sinnèd have, and of iniquity Too long we have the workers been; we have done wickedly. 7 The wonders great, which thou, O Lord, didst work in Egypt land, Our fathers, though they saw, yet them they did not understand: And they thy mercies' multitude kept not in memory; But at the sea, ev'n the Red Sea, provoked him grievously. 8 Nevertheless he savèd them, ev'n for his own name's sake; That so he might to be well known his mighty power make. 9 When he the Red Sea did rebuke, then drièd up it was: Through depths, as through the wilderness, he safely made them pass. 10 From hands of those that hated them he did his people save; And from the en'my's cruel hand to them redemption gave. 11 The waters overwhelmed their foes; not one was left alive. 12 Then they believed his word, and praise to him in songs did give. 13 But soon did they his mighty works forget unthankfully, And on his counsel and his will did not wait patiently; 14 But much did lust in wilderness, and God in desert tempt. 15 He gave them what they sought, but to their soul he leanness sent. 16 And against Moses in the camp their envy did appear; At Aaron they, the saint of God, envious also were. 17 Therefore the earth did open wide, and Dathan did devour, And all Abiram's company did cover in that hour. 18 Likewise among their company a fire was kindled then; And so the hot consuming flame burnt up these wicked men. 19 Upon the hill of Horeb they an idol-calf did frame, A molten image they did make, and worshippèd the same. 20 And thus their glory, and their God, most vainly changèd they Into the likeness of an ox that eateth grass or hay. 21 They did forget the mighty God, that had their savior been, By whom such great things brought to pass they had in Egypt seen. 22 In Ham's land he did wondrous works, things terrible did he, When he his mighty hand and arm stretched out at the Red sea. 23 Then said he, He would them destroy, had not, his wrath to stay, His chosen Moses stood in breach, that them he should not slay. 24 Yea, they despised the pleasant land, believèd not his word: 25 But in their tents they murmurèd, not heark'ning to the Lord. 26 Therefore in desert them to slay he lifted up his hand: 27 'Mong nations to o'erthrow their seed, and scatter in each land. 28 They unto Baal-peor did themselves associate; The sacrifices of the dead they did profanely eat. 29 Thus, by their lewd invëntions, they did provoke his ire; And then upon them suddenly the plague brake in as fire. 30 Then Phin'has rose, and justice did, and so the plague did cease; 31 That to all ages counted was to him for righteousness. 32 And at the waters, where they strove, they did him angry make, In such sort, that it farèd ill with Moses for their sake: 33 Because they there his spirit meek provokèd bitterly, So that he uttered with his lips words unadvisedly. 34 Nor, as the Lord commanded them, did they the nations slay: 35 But with the heathen mingled were, and learned of them their way. 36 And they their idols served, which did a snare unto them turn. 37 Their sons and daughters they to dev'ls in sacrifice did burn. 38 In their own children's guiltless blood their hands they did imbrue, Whom to Cänaan's idols they for sacrifices slew: So was the land defiled with blood. 39 They stained with their own way, And with their own invëntions a whoring they did stray. 40 Against his people kindled was the wrath of God therefore, Insomuch that he did his own inheritance abhor. 41 He gave them to the heathen's hand; their foes did them command. 42 Their en'mies them oppressed, they were made subject to their hand. 43 He many times delivered them; but with their counsel so They him provoked, that for their sin they were brought very low. 44 Yet their affliction he beheld, when he did hear their cry: 45 And he for them his covenant did call to memory; After his mercies' multitude 46 he did repent: And made Them to be pitied of all those who did them captive lead. 47 O Lord our God, us save, and gather the heathen from among, That we thy holy name may praise in a triumphant song. 48 Blessed be JEHOVAH, Isr'el's God, to all eternity: Let all the people say, Amen. Praise to the Lord give ye.