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Psalm 104
BLOXHAM | Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
1650 Scottish Psalter
Williams' Psalmody in Miniature, c. 1770
1 Bless God, my soul. O Lord my God, thou art exceeding great; With honor and with majesty thou clothèd art in state. 2 With light, as with a robe, thyself thou coverest about; And, like unto a curtain, thou the heavens stretchest out. 3 Who of his chambers doth the beams within the waters lay; Who doth the clouds his chariot make, on wings of wind make way. 4 Who flaming fire his ministers, his angels sp'rits, doth make: 5 Who earth's foundätions did lay, that it should never shake. 6 Thou didst it cover with the deep, as with a garment spread: The waters stood above the hills, when thou the word but said. 7 But at the voice of thy rebuke they fled, and would not stay; They at thy thunder's dreadful voice did haste them fast away. 8 They by the mountains do ascend, and by the valley-ground Descend, unto that very place which thou for them didst found. 9 Thou hast a bound unto them set, that they may not pass over, That they do not return again the face of earth to cover. 10 He to the valleys sends the springs, which run among the hills: 11 They to all beasts of field give drink, wild asses drink their fills. 12 By them the fowls of heav'n shall have their habitätion, Which do among the branches sing with delectätion. 13 He from his chambers watereth the hills, when they are dried: With fruit and increase of thy works the earth is satisfied. 14 For cattle he makes grass to grow, he makes the herb to spring For th' use of man, that food to him he from the earth may bring; 15 And wine, that to the heart of man doth cheerfulness impart, Oil that his face makes shine, and bread that strengtheneth his heart. 16 The trees of God are full of sap; the cedars that do stand In Lebanon, which planted were by his almighty hand. 17 Birds of the air upon their boughs do choose their nests to make; As for the stork, the fir-tree she doth for her dwelling take. 18 The lofty mountains for wild goats a place of refuge be; The conies also to the rocks do for their safety flee. 19 He sets the moon in heav'n, thereby the seasons to discern: From him the sun his certain time of going down doth learn. 20 Thou darkness mak'st, 'tis night, then beasts of forests creep abroad. 21 The lions young roar for their prey, and seek their meat from God. 22 The sun doth rise, and home they flock, down in their dens they lie. 23 Man goes to work, his labor he doth to the ev'ning ply. 24 How manifold, Lord, are thy works! in wisdom wonderful Thou ev'ry one of them hast made; earth's of thy riches full: 25 So is this great and spacious sea, wherein things creeping are, Which numbered cannot be; and beasts both great and small are there. 26 There ships go; there thou mak'st to play that leviathan great. 27 These all wait on thee, that thou may'st in due time give them meat. 28 That which thou givest unto them they gather for their food; Thine hand thou open'st lib'rally, they fillèd are with good. 29 Thou hid'st thy face; they troubled are, their breath thou tak'st away; Then do they die, and to their dust return again do they. 30 Thy quick'ning spirit thou send'st forth, then they created be; And then the earth's decayèd face renewèd is by thee. 31 The glory of the mighty Lord continue shall for ever: The Lord JEHOVAH shall rejoice in all his works together. 32 Earth, as affrighted, trembleth all, if he on it but look; And if the mountains he but touch, they presently do smoke. 33 I will sing to the Lord most high, so long as I shall live; And while I being have I shall to my God praises give. 34 Of him my meditation shall sweet thoughts to me afford; And as for me, I will rejoice in God, my only Lord. 35 From earth let sinners be consumed, let ill men no more be. O thou my soul, bless thou the Lord. Praise to the Lord give ye.